With over a decade experience and reliable customers all over Africa (Mauritania, Mali, Senegal...) and officially registered since 2017 to the government and leading distributors across various major sectors in Malaysia, TC BARAKA SDN BHD exports products worldwide. The company has built a strong reputation for delivering consistent quality goods, profitable deals to its customers and long term contracts with its suppliers.

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We Provide you!

Import & Export

We do export and import all the type of goods from Malaysia to other countries and vice-versa.

Control Goods

Goods which come under the purview of Controlling Agencies are known as controlled goods.

High Quality Goods

We provide unique, high quality products and services to our customers worldwide.

Export Local Goods

This serves to certify that the goods were actually made in Malaysia.

BTC Latest News

Export to Mauritania & Africa

We are exporting your products and services to Africa.

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Export Palm Oil

Malaysia currently accounts for 39 % of world palm oil production and 44% of world exports. If taken into account of other oils &a...

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Arabic Gum

Arabic Gum used as hydrocolloids is obtained from two tree species, Acacia senegal and ...

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